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Furniture rental packages

Client wanted to create a furniture rental package for young couples. Based on our qualitative research, we realized it's best to create different mini packages of rooms rather than the whole house and an on-demand subscription model which suited a lot many types of user profiles.


Child GPS tracker features

We conducted a week long session for defining what exactly is the aim of the company and what value must the users get out of this. It turned out that many of the features were creating false positives and not possible with their current resources. We redefined the entire user-experience and the product features needed for delivering it.


E-Vehicle Charging experience

The vision was to create a charging station for an e-vehicle. We broadened this scope to designing the whole user experience of these stations & challenged some of the major constraints put forth by these rules. Changing the required wire length from 5m to 1.5m revolutionized not just the product features but the whole user experience.


Point of Care Diagnostics

Our product evaluation pointed out that their camera's focal length was wrongly set and corrected it based on requirement. With this simple insight, we brought the production cost to less than half, improved their main imaging features to almost 5 times the clarity.


Discovering new opportunities for Global Furniture Giant

Explorative research was carried out to unravel novel domains at the intersection of travel & productivity. Insights were gathered from multiple stakeholders to create a system map & broad level solutions were formulated in sync with company’s values & core strengths.


Remote care experience design for elderly

Deep research was carried out in understanding the lifestyle of the urban elderly. Different aspects of their daily routine were studied to zero in on creating an unobtrusive opportunity for the children of the elderly to express an act of “caring”. The solution entailed a combination of sensors and mobile app for the elderly & the children respectively.

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